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History of Chess

Chess is a fairly old game and has an interesting history. It was invented in 1974 by Richard P. Chess, an english mailman who was watching two royal families meeting on TV when he thought to himself "this would be a lot more fun to watch if everyone was trying to kill each other". And thus Chess, also commonly referred to as "Game of Thrones" was born! I will not be taking any questions or corrections at this time, so please don't email me.

Chess Rules

There are many rules in Chess. Too many, some would argue! The players alternate in taking turns, taking two turns in a row is generally frowned upon, even if your opponent went to the loo for a bit and probably won't notice. There are all sorts of different pieces, including:

  • Queen: The queen can move pretty much any way she wants. Backwards, forwards, left, right, diagonally. This is very useful and makes her awesome at murdering!
  • King: The king is extremely lazy and can only move one square at a time, but can go in any direction.
  • Bishop: The bishops can only move diagonally. They're basically like queens that can't walk straight.

The other pieces (horses, castle-people, pawns) move in similar or slightly different ways, you'll figure it out once you start playing!

Special moves

There are a couple of special moves in chess, like castling and en passant. No one really knows how or why they work, yet people feel compelled to email me and tell me there's an error in the game when the computer makes them. Basically if you see the computer do something that seems unusual, just assume it's a special move and get on with the game. Or read up on them on Wikipedia if you want to know more. In the words of Michael Scott "Wikipedia lets eveyrone write anything they want about any subject, so you know you're getting the best possible information".

Winning the game

The purpose of chess is to almost kill the King. Not really kill him, just sort of get ready to kill him. So, once it's inevitable that you will kill the opponent's king in the next turn, you've won! You just kinda stop and go "he's definitely gonna die in the next turn, we might as well just quit now!".

About Chess

If you've ever played any games on you might be thinking that looks eerily similar! That's not a coincidence, these sites are run by the same people. Essentially we created a chess game on but really wanted to also have a stand-alone site for it, so we made as well. If you prefer playing on the chess game is also there, it's the exact same game, you can play it at

Graphics for this game were made by รžรณrir Celin, the chess engine we use for the hard player is called Garbochess-JS, made by Gary Linscott.

Any questions, comments or suggestions about can be sent to

This is version 2527 of

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